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 The Theory of The Chinese Pyramids  -  by Mark & Richard Wells

View Larger Image     During our ongoing research in latter part of 1998 we had been using the Internet to search for information on ancient sites around the world. We came across a web site that had new information about Chinese Pyramids. The site had an article by Hartwig Hausdorf called The Exterritorial Legacy, this article gives his own ideas on the origin of the pyramids. The site had a number of Photographs that were taken by the author Hartwig Hausdorf, when he was able to gain access to a number of locations in China that are normally of limits to visitors. This is one of main reasons that so little is know about them, The Pyramids are located in a 100km area around the city Xi'an, which is well known as the location of the terracotta worriers. These Worriers guard another pyramidal mound that is supposed to be tomb of Chin, the first emporia of China. There could be up to 100 pyramids in this part of China.

View Larger Image     As there was no survey available for this site or any of the other Pyramid sites in China, we had no choice but to work on the small amount of material that was available. One of the Photographs shows a number of pyramids that appear to show some alignment. We decided that this photograph was worthy of closer examination. Using computer technology we first enlarged and enhanced the photo, then printed it out on two A3 sheets, this allowed us to work out an approximate layout of the pyramids on the ground.

View Larger Image     We now needed to know the Cardinal directions relative to the layout of the pyramids. As there was no information available, this might have been a problem. The solution was in part of the enlarged photograph. You can roughly work out the height and therefore the position of the sun by using the length of the shadows made by the trees (about 32 degrees). Now transferring this information and the reference to information form the photographer's article to a Dos version of skyglobe on the computer, we find it is about 14.30 Hrs in the afternoon and the Sun is in the Southwest. With this information we get an idea of the alignment of the site, with the four central pyramids lying on the east- west axis.

View Larger Image     Now with the sky ground ideas of Graham Hancock's in his books "Heavens Mirror", and "Keeper Of Genesis", as well as Robert G. Bauval Orion Giza ideas in "The Orion Mystery" fresh in our minds. We studied a number of star maps and the prominent star constellations. It was not hard to notice that our plan of the pyramid layout matched the constellation of Gemini, including the star Betelgeuse from the neighbouring constellation of Orion. Also the photograph appears as if it has been taken from the top of another pyramid, if we add this to the plan then you find that it matches the brightest star in Taurus, Aldebaran.

View Larger Image     Now with all this new information we used skyglobe on the computer to examine this area of the sky backwards through time and more specifically to the date of 10500BC. Graham Hancock ideas have shown that this date may have some importance in unravelling the past. We find that the constellation of Gemini is rising on the spring equinox on that date, with the pyramids matching the sky, at sunrise.

View Larger Image     This was all done with some computer technology and some technical drawing experience, it should be treated as theory at the moment. The only way to confirm our ideas it is to do a professional site survey. We have posted these to get your opinion on our idea as this may help compound the theory of Graham Hancock.

Last Updated 30th november, 2000

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