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 The Theory of The Mars Pyramids  -  by Mark & Richard Wells

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View Larger Image    The Mars Global Surveyor has now taken and released many photos with a number in the Cydonia region where the face was found. On inspection of one of the images we found that triangular rock formation could be seen, this at first may not seem that important but for that inside the triangle we can see the eye of Horus. View Larger Image

  From the released image SP1-25803 we cut out the area that shows the triangle formation, we then rotated it so that the eye was in the center top, we also adjusted the contrast of the image so the feature stands out a little better.

  From this you can see that the shape represents a pyramid with the eye of Horus on it the two side angels are exactly the same at 56.5 degrees.

  So what are the odds of finding this structure formed by natural processes???

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View Larger Image

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View Larger Image
   As we were looking at this area we noteced that you can see three mounds, two small one with one slightly larger.
   If you look at the angles between them you fined that two are 70 degrees and the last being 40 degrees is this just another coincidence of the Cydonia region or is it just the next peace in the in a large puzzle.

Last Updated 30th november, 2000   

Images From : NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems
Malin Space Science Systems

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