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  This is EarthQuest list of books, tapes and vidios which we consider essential for a compleat view of the subject. All these titles in association with Amazon UK who can offer considrable discounts of the retail prices. The links will take you direct to the book, giving you a full discription and online purchase.

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When the Gods Came Down
 By - Alan F Alford
Who or what were the gods of ancient mythology, who fought battles in the skies and came down from heaven to earth? In this book, Alan Alford decodes the sacred secrets of the world's oldest civilizations, and reveals that the God of the ancients was imagined to be a planet.
Hardback Paperback

The Phoenix Solution
 By - Alan F Alford
With new information, the author of 'Gods of the New Millennium' reveals the secrets at the heart of ancient Egyptology, a completely new understanding of Egyptian mythology and humankind's oldest religious traditions.
Hardback Paperback

The Elixir and the Stone
 By - Michael Baigent & Richard Leigh
In this study Baigent and Leigh construct an alternative history of religion and thought which begins with the Hermeticism of 1st century Alexandria and describes its pathways through Europe over the ensuing centuries. Along the way there are tales of individuals, including the Elizabethan magician John Dee and the Franciscan friar and alchemist Roger Bacon.

 By - Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert


Secret Chamber
 By - Robert Bauval
Bauval asks the questions, is there a secret chamber in the Great Pyramid?, how is the star of David linked to the new world order of the Freemasons? and is the Second Coming of Christ linked to the opening of the fabled Hall of Records?

How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs
 By - Mark Collier   Bill Manley   Richard Parkinson
A practical teach-yourself course on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs for the general reader. In this text, the grammar of ancient Egypt is introduced using the inscriptions found on monuments, with an emphasis on learning to read and translate accurately. A series of 43 exercises accompanies an easy to follow ten-step guide and is supported by a reference section of sign-lists and a short dictionary at the end of the text. Background notes on general topics including gods, royal dynasties and principal sites aim to help the reader to understand the historical concept.

Gateway to Atlantis
 By - Andrew Collins
In this text, the author goes in search of the real Atlantis. Collins pieces together Plato's story to answer the questions and unravel the mysteries surrounding the mythical land, and argues that he can not only demonstrate the actual existence of the island, but can also reveal its location.
Hardback Paperback

Gods of Eden
 By - Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins investigates the secrets of the pyramids, to discover who really built them and how. Evidence shows that they date back to at least 5000 years before the coming of the Pharaohs. So what mysterious lost civilization erected these monuments, and what technology did they use?

From the Ashes of Angels
 By - Andrew Collins
Evidence of an advanced race existing in the near East during prehistoric times is revealed in this book, showing the evolution of civilization and religion throughout the old world. Originating in Egypt where they introduced the first ever forms of proto agriculture and left vast Cyclopean monuments and ruins, they migrated to the near East to escape the cataclysms that accompanied the end of the Ice Age. Among their greatest achievements was the creation of the Sphinx.

The Giza Power Plant
 By - Alan F Alford
Dunn argues that the Great Pyramid was a source of harmonic resonance that converted the Earth's vibrational energies to electricity. Did this technology of harmonic resonance provide the ancient world with endless supplies of energy-and was this the same energy discovered by Nicholas Tesla?

The Eyes of the Sphinx
 By - Erich Von Daniken
New interpretations of ancient writings, the discovery of hidden chambers in Egypt, and other findings provide evidence of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient cultures of Earth.

Odyssey of the Gods
 By - Erich Von Daniken
In this text, Erich Von Daniken turns his attention to Greece and, using mythological and archaeological evidence and citing authors such as Plato and Aristotle, he suggests that the Greek "gods" were in fact extra-terrestrial being who arrived on Earth many thousands of years ago.

Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs
 By - Ralph Ellis
The biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph are among the most famous ancient personalities in the world. This text traces the history of this family from the time of Noah through to Jesus and nearly all of its members can be identified in the historical record. All the major biblical characters from the Old Testament up to the great Exodus were pharoahs of Egypt and the correlations that can be found between the Bible and Egyptological record are overwhelming.
Hardback Paperback

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts
 By - R O Faulkner
The "Pyramid Texts", which were carved on the walls of the pyramids of the kings of the Fifth and Sixth Dynasties to guide the dead king through the Netherworld and protect his welfare there, constitute the oldest corpus of religious and funerary texts and, as such are, of fundamental importance for the students of Egyptian religion. This translation, completed in 1969 by a leading authority on these texts, is one of the most accessible, scholarly and complete available, and this reprint should be useful not only to Egyptologists but also to those interested in the history of religion and the occult.

Signs in the Sky
 By - Adrian Gilbert
Adrian Gilbert takes the reader on a journey into the wisdom of the ancient world revealing the true meaning of the prophecies of the Bible.
Hardback Paperback

 By - Graham Hancock
NEW !!
A physical and intellectual journey, a worldwide exploration diving for the underwater ruins of a lost civilization, this book follows clues in ancient scriptures and mythlogy and in the scientific evidence of the flood that swept the Earth at the end of the last Ice Age. This text explores the question of early humans swept away by the catastrpohe. Who were these populations - pre-civilised hunter-gatherers or more sophisticated peoples altogether? The text is written as a personal adventure involving the reader in the travels, the practicalities and the risks while developing the larger themes along the way, building up to the explosive revelation of a global mystery.


Fingerprints of the Gods - 2001 edition
 By - Graham Hancock
The author has a highly controversial view of history and his theory of a mysterious, lost civilization that brought knowledge to other people around the world, has attracted a wide audience. In this new large-format edition, Hancock responds to critics and brings readers up to date with developments in the debate. He exposes the eerie network of connections between: the Great Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt; the Andean temples of Tianhuanaco; the Mexican pyramids of the Sun and Moon; the lost continent that lies beneath Antarctica; ancient knowledge of spherical geometry and astro-navigation; the myths and legends of humanity that have remained strangely consistent across geographical and social divides; and new theories concerning the causes of the ice ages. His new evidence suggests not only the "fingerprints" of an unknown civilization that flourished during the last ice age but also horrifying conclusions about the type and extent of planetary catastrophe required to obliterate almost all traces of it. Included are the BBC transcripts to the "Horizon" TV documentary.

Keeper Of Genesis
 By - Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval
When and where did history begin? When was the genesis of civilization in Egypt? This text presents historical and scientific detective work, which provides a startling new theory concerning the enigmatic Pyramid Texts and other archaic Egyptian scriptures.

Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization
 By - Graham Hancock, Santha Faiia
On an odyssey stretching from the pyramids of ancient Egypt to South American ruins, from Easter Island to Angkor Wat, the authors put forward compelling evidence to suggest that cultures we term ancient were in fact the heirs to an older lost civilization, and the inheritors of its archaic wisdom.

The Mars Mystery
 By - Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval   John Grigsby
Using scientific research, this book asks such questions as: did life once exist on Mars?; was Mars "killed" less than 20,000 years ago by the fragments of a giant comet?; and could the "face" and sculpted "pyramids" on the red planet's surface be a warning from an ancient civilization?

The Sign and the Seal
 By - Graham Hancock
This is an account of the last 3000 years of history, and a quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings
 By - Charles Hapgood
Charles Hapgood's classic book on ancient maps produces evidence of an advanced world-wide civilization existing many thousands of years before ancient Egypt. He has found the evidence in the Piri Reis Map that shows Antarctica, the Hadji Ahmed map, the Oronteus Finaeus and other amazing maps. Hapgood concluded that these maps were made from more ancient maps from the various ancient archives around the world, now lost. Not only were these unknown people more advanced in mapmaking than any other prior to the 18th century, it appears they mapped all the continents. The Americas were mapped thousands of years before Columbus and Antarctica was mapped once its coasts were free of ice.

The Chinese Roswell
 By - Hartwig Housdorf
Like his predecessor, Heinrich Harrer, who spent seven years in Tibet, Hartwig Hausdorf has ventured, virtually on foot, over many of the sacred places of the Far East. But his aim has been not to discover his own soul, but rather to uncover tell-tale traces of an Alien Mind which may have passed that way millennia ago, and may be passing by again. He has sought out the fabled, forbidden 1,000-foot White Pyramid of Xian. In so doing, he has stumbled upon the key to the ancient Chinese dream of material immortality, a dream inspired by Alien Mind, and a key hidden in the fabulous, mercury-filled tomb-chamber of the Emperor Shi Huangdi--a tomb-chamber the excavation of which the Chinese government has kept secret from the West. He has unearthed new facts about the mysterious stone disks of Bayan Kara Ula, which some believe tell the story of a forced alien landing 12,000 years ago. And he has discerned, in the prodigious mind-over-matter techniques of the Tibetans, the Ch! inese and the Japanese, the faintest whispers, still audible over the vast gulf of time, of an awesome encounter which may have taken place on the sacred peak of Mount Meru in the very beginning of time.

Uriel's Machine
 By - Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas
Geological evidence shows that in 7640 BC Earth was hit by seven comet fragments causing gigantic tidal waves. In China, a cave has been excavated containing the remains of animals and men from around the world. Was this an "ark"? This book examines these and other mysteries.
Hardback Paperback

The Hiram Key
 By - Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas
The authors investigate 4000 years of history and challenge some of Western civilization's most cherished beliefs. Their discoveries shed new light on Masonic ceremony and pose such questions as "Was Jesus a Freemason?" and "Were secret scrolls buried beneath Herod's Temple?"

The Complete Pyramids
 By - Mark Lehner
For centuries the pyramids have inspired passionate theories about their origins, purpose and method of construction. In this fully work on the major pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the author surveys the history, building and use of the pyramids. He examines both the practicalities and logostics of their construction and their conceptual aspects - their cosmology and iconography and their intriguing texts. Other features include accounts of the latest discoveries by international teams working on the pyramids; discussion of the latest theories; chronology and history of Egypt and the pyramids; maps and site plans; a guide to visiting; computer generated perspective views of the interior of the pyramids; and quotations from ancient texts, early explorers and archaeologists.

The Great Pyramid Decoded
 By - Peter Lemesurier
For over 40 centuries, the Great Pyramid of Giza has baffled mankind as to its purpose. This book suggests that the design of the pyramid derives from a simple number code. When the pyramid is "decoded", the message that unfolds seems to be a blueprint for mankind that can be compared with the more recent prophecies of St Malachy, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and others. The author has also uncovered links between the pyramid's picture of Man's place in the universe and the religious traditions of Egypt, Palestine, India, and even Central America.

The Temple of Man : Apet of the South at Luxor
 By - R A Schwaller De Lubicz
In The Temple of Man, renowned Egyptologist R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz offers an exhaustive study of the temple of Amun-Mut-Khonsu at Luxor. In over 1000 pages of text, illustrations and photographs, De Lubicz demonstrates the powerful spiritual and philosophical heritage of ancient Egyptian civilization.
2 Volume set Hardback

Giza: The Truth
 By - Chris Ogilvie-Herald & Ian Lawton
This study of the Giza Plateau provides a balanced treatment of the theories surrounding the questions of who built the pyramids, why, how and when. The developments revealed by the resurgence in exploration activity are disclosed.

The Philosopher's Stone
 By - Peter Marshall
Alchemy is an ancient, but still practised, science concerned with transformation: base metal into gold; mortal into immortal. This book investigates the realities behind the mythology of alchemy and searches for the element which can make it a reality: the legendary Philosopher's Stone. It reveals that Isaac Newton spent much of his time at Cambridge practising alchemy and tells the stories of famous alchemists that claimed to have unlocked the secret of transformation.

The Stargate Conspiracy
 By - Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince
Picknett and Prince, who have written their own share of such books (In His Own Image: The Story of the Turin Shroud and The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ) now take their turn at debunking books on the pyramids, early extraterrestrial contact with mankind, the "Face" and "pyramids" on Mars, and the claimed significance of the year 10,500 BC. Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and Robert Temple come in for particular criticism, with Picknett and Prince pointing out some of their factual errors as well as examples of sloppy logical progression in their arguments.
Hardback Paperback

A Test of Time
 By - David Rohl
It has long been believed that the great historical events described in the Old Testament were mythological; the accepted chronology of the region does not tally with archaeological discoveries. Through a revision of the master chronology of the ancient world, David Rohl attempts to prove that the events of the Bible really did happen as recorded in the Books of Genesis, Exodus, Judges, Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. Many of the conundrums of the past are explained, and legendary figures such as Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon find their true political setting and some of their archaeological remains are discovered.
Hardback Paperback

Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation
 By - David Rohl
A sequel to "A Test of Time", this text continues the author's pursuit for historical truth, and reveals what really happened in seven famous myths and legends, showing us that the passage of time has not wiped away all the evidence of the reality behind the legends.
Hardback Paperback

Voices of the Rocks
 By - Robert M.Schoch
A scientist looks at catastrophes and ancient civilizations. His discovery that the Sphinx is thousands of years older than previously thought leads eminent scientist, Robert Schoch to research the evidence for ancient civilisations destroyed by natural disasters. This book is the story of his search, his discoveries and his vision for the future.

Secrets of the Great Pyramid
 By - Peter Tompkins
Probes the mystery of the construction and significance of the Great Pyramids Cheops, suggesting that it enshrines the scientific data of an advanced Egyptian civilization.

The Gods of the Egyptians Volume 1
 By - E.A. Wallis Budge
Provides definitive coverage of the ancient Egyptian gods, mythological figures, religious cults, priesthoods, and esoteric practices and beliefs.
Paperback vol 1 Paperback vol 2

A Traveller's Key to Ancient Egypt
 By - John Anthony West
Information to the art and architecture of the sacred sites of ancient Egypt and of items in the Cairo and Luxor museums also provides coverage of modern Egyptology.

Serpent in the Sky
 By - John Anthony West


The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt
 By - Richard H. Wilkinson
A comprehensive survey of all Egypt's temples, from Luxor and Karnak to those in the delta, oases and Nubia. It traces the processes of building and decorating, how they functioned, and what happened when they were robbed and desecrated. It also discusses the Egyptian pantheon, rites and festivals.

From Atlantis to the Sphinx
 By - Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson believes that thousands of years before ancient Egypt and Greece became powerful, there was a great civilization whose ships travelled the world. Whereas we have no way of viewing the universe as a whole, these "old ones" possessed a knowledge system that offered a unified view of the universe, which was then passed on to descendants who escaped to Egypt and South America. It was this knowledge system - alien to modern man - that enabled them to move stones weighing a thousand tons. In this exploration of the remote depths of history, Wilson sets out to reconstruct that ancient knowledge. He attempts to understand how the long-forgotten people thought, felt and communicated on a universal plane.

The Atlantis Blueprint
 By - Rand Flem-Ath   Colin Wilson
The Atlantis Blueprint ends with a question--is there a city beneath the ice of Antarctica? In fact, the book is a mystery-fest, linking a host of popular enigmas to the theory that civilisation is thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of years older than we think. It proposes the existence of an antediluvian world-wide maritime civilisation whose blueprint left a legacy of specially positioned sacred sites around the world and whose centre, Atlantis, may be in Antarctica due to earth crust displacement.
Hardback Paperback


Quest For The Lost Civilisation - Heaven's Mirror
 By - Graham Hancock

VHS - Video

The Message of the Sphinx
 By - Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval   Nick Ullett
A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind
Audio Tape

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