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Chinese Pyramids
View Larger Image    Historically China is well known for things like the Great Wall of China, its dynastic rulers and of course it superb china ware. It is not very well known for its Pyramids, well China has a large number of pyramids, possibly over a 100. Most of them are located in a 70-mile area around the city of Xi'an. This has mostly been unknown by the out side world, thou as china opens up this may change.

View Larger Image   The first photo of a Chinese pyramid was taken in 1945 at the end of World War II. This White Pyramid is located in the Qin Ling Shan mountains about 60 miles Southwest of Xi'an. The photo was in the files of the US Military for 45 years before it became public knowledge.

View Larger Image   The biggest breakthrough came when Hartwig Hausdorf a writer and author from Germany, was able to visit some of the restricted areas in china, he then found and photographed a large number of pyramids. Hartwig Hausdorf has written his own account of his visit to china, as well his ideas on the Pyramids. These can be found, on the Extraterrestrial legacy web site.

View Larger Image   As we can see from the photographs the pyramids in china are as large as any that can be found in Egypt, Mexico and any other part of the world.

View Larger Image   These images and others that become available over time, will help all researchers of the ancient world to peace together our past. I would expect any new ideas to be as controversial and wide ranging, and probably have similar lines to the one's we have already seen, for other pyramid sites around the world.

The main Pyramid areas are on the Qin Chuan Plains in central China.

Qin Lin Valley
Qin Ling Shan Mountains - 100km SouthWest of Xi'an
Moa Ling - Near Xianyang township 50km West of Xi'an
Wei Ho River - North of Xi'an (Chinese Imperium)
Shandong - Stone Pyramid
Taibai Shan Mountain - 10,000ft highest point in the Qin Ling Mountains

View Larger Image    Were the Pyramids constructed as tombs for the emperors of china or were they copies of an existing great white pyramid? In a television documentary "The First Emperor" some footage was shown of the pyramids describing them as tombs of the emperors of china.
View Larger Image An alternative view by the author Hartwig Hausdorf has suggested an Extraterrestrial connection, his ideas can be found in his book the "Chinese Roswell"

View Larger Image   In ancient texts the mound found near the terracotta army is described as resting place of Chin the first emperor of china. It is supposed to contain a model of the Chinese empire with rivers of flowing mercury and a roof covered with jowls that show the constellations and stars in the sky. The texts also describe the existence of the terracotta army, and as we know that they are correct in this respect then we can assume that the rest is also true.

Photo by - Santha Faii - View Larger Image   No one has excavated this tomb yet but attempts have shown traces of toxic chemicals that would make any attempt very hazardous indeed.

  The big question is are all the pyramids like this one or is this, the exception? These are questions that cannot be answered until a substantial amount of fieldwork is done.

View Larger Image    New Photorecon images from the farshore web site they show a large number of pyramids in three areas. After careful examination of the images you can see that they are not of the same pyramids as the ones taken by Hartwig Hausdorf

View Larger Image    The second photograph is a larger view of the lower center in the first Photograph. It shows a few large pyramids and a large number of small pyramids.

If any one has photos or other material on the Pyramids in China and wants to include them on this site please drop us an email.

 Last Updated 29/11/00
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