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Welcome to the Earth Quest web site.
The Ancient World   This Earth Quest web site is all about the exploration of the ancient world. We will show you ancient sites from all around the world, giving you information, diagrams and photos on them. This will be along the same lines as current accepted history, but we wont stop there. Here at Earth Quest we are dedicated to resolving the mysteries of ancient civilizations and discovering the truth of 'OUR' past.

  We believe that too much of our history is just accepted without question, there are too many sites, finds and ideas that don't fit with the current established thinking. Most are just ignored or forgotten, some are attacked and ridiculed, while others are just classified as a coincidence.

  There are now a growing number of people who feel the same way. You will find numerous books that give various different ideas on the subject. The Internet contains many web sites with countless pages of information; as well as some good message boards were you can discuss these ideas.

  At Earth Quest we will be taking a look at some of these historical sites, examining some of the finds and exploring some of the ideas. We are also planning to publish a series of articles that show you some of the finds we have made and to propose some of our own ideas to existing problems.

  This site will be updated periodically with new areas covering subjects like Egypt, New Books, News & Discoveries, Researchers, Maps, Diagrams, as well as our own Work.

  The Earth Quest web site is the official public side to an ongoing research project by Mark and Richard Wells, into the mysteries of the ancient world.

  The EarthQuest Research Project is completely personally financed. Any one wishing to make a donation to the project can now do so through the Mark Wells or Richard Wells Amazon Wish Lists. Any items from these lists will aid in the on going research work of EarthQuest. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.

 Last Updated 16/10/01
 Books and Resources

By -
Graham Hancock

The Complete Pyramids
By - Mark Lehner

Temples of Ancient Egypt
By - Richard H. Wilkinson

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