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China Pyramids 1
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Mars Pyramids
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Xianyang Pyramid
 - 1947 Pyramid?

  Below are some links to some of the Best sites that We have found.

TOP SITES - for daily updates consult

The Daily Grail
The Graham Hancock Message Board
In the Hall of Ma'at - Message Board
Guardian's Egypt - Ancient Egypt Bulletin Board


Giza: The Truth
Graham Hancock
Robert Bauval
Andrew Collins
Hartwig Hausdorf
Erich von Daniken
Alan Alford
P.S.R. Paleo SETI Reserch


Upuaut Project
Sphinx Group
Guardians Egypt
Zahi Hawass
SCA website
The KV5 Web site
Excellent Egyptology links page

Chinese Pyramid Sites

The Hartwig Hausdorf Article
Laura Lee Site
Laura Lee Site 2
The Farshore site - Satellite images
David B. Kelley's Page
Brain Rape
Byon Kwang-Hyon's page
Pyramids in China by Susan Blanchard


Athena Review - Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration


Malin Space Science Systems - Cydonia page
Malin Space Science Systems- Mars Main Page

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 If any one has a relevant web site or a link and wants to include them on this page please drop us an email.

Last Updated 29th October, 2001
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