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Mars Connection
View Larger Image    The Planet Mars has long been associated with controversy with stories of aliens and civilisations through out history. Now in the space age we have sent spacecraft there and we know it's a barren cold desert, write? Well actually that's wrong, there are many ideas ranging from the NASA idea that life may have existed once in the form of primitive algae's, and this could have been fossilised in the rocks on the surface of mars. There are others that believe that some kind of life could still exist today. On the other end of the scale there are those that believe that civilisations once existed on the surface, and there ruined buildings are still there forming geometric patterns on the ground. View Larger Image Even the author Graham Hancock has written a book on Mars, so until we actually go there none of these ideas will get resolved.

  The Mars Global Surveyor has been orbiting around mars for some time, and has now taken many photographs. A large number of these photos have been released on the Malin Space Science Systems web site. There are a number from the Cydonia region where the face was found, as well, there are a number from other areas that have proved very interesting. Having a look through the images takes time so you could try one of the alternative web sites to see what other people have found.

Images From : NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems
Malin Space Science Systems

If any one has photos or other material on Mars and wants to include them on this site please drop us an email.

 Last Updated 05/07/00
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The Mars Mystery
By Graham Hancock

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