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  This Earth Quest web site is all about the exploration of the ancient world. We will show you ancient sites from all around the world, giving you information, diagrams and photos on them. This will be along the same lines as current accepted history, but we wont stop there. Here at Earth Quest we are dedicated to resolving the mysteries of ancient civilizations and discovering the truth of ‘OUR’ past. 

Chinese Pyramids

During our ongoing research in latter part of 1998 we had been using the Internet to search for information on ancient sites around the world. We came across a web site that had new information about Chinese Pyramids.

Orion Correlation Pyramid

Perhaps you have already seen the two Photorecon pictures of the Pyramids in China that appeared on the web, if not then at least you are now aware of them. Having looked at the two pictures we can see that they are not of the areas photographed.

Mars Pyramids

The Mars Global Surveyor has now taken and released many photos with a number in the Cydonia region where the face was found. On inspection of one of the images we found that triangular rock formation could be seen. 

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Ancient Technology

The Antikythera Mechanism is an interesting piece of ancient technology, it is the most sophisticated scientific instrument that has been found from antiquity. It was most likely an astronomical calculator with inscriptions from the zodiac and the months of the year. Mechanically it is quite complex with 32 precision bronze gears, which also include a differential gear. 

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Were the Pyramids constructed as tombs for the emperors of China or were they copies of an existing great white pyramid? In a television documentary “The First Emperor” some footage was shown of the pyramids describing them as tombs of the emperors of china.




Space Science


The Great Platform at Baalbek

Earth Quest

The Great Platform at Baalbek in Lebanon represents a remarkable achievement in ancient construction techniques. The construction is supposedly Roman in origin but there are no records of, how or if they built it. The platform itself was built with blocks of stone weighing up to 1000 tones and seems a bit out of place when compared to the surrounding temple complex.


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Learning The Egyptian Language

Learning The Egyptian Language

If you’re interested in Egypt and its culture, you might want to try to learn the language. Although Egyptian isn’t a language that is spoken in many places, learning this language can be an enriching experience. There are a few things you’ll want to consider if you want to study this language.

Learning Egyptian Can Be Very Difficult

A lot of people find this language to be extremely challenging says translation experts Jonckers. Even if you’ve learned another language before, you might be a little overwhelmed when you start studying Egyptian. This language is very different from English, and a lot of the rules around the language can be hard to master.

If you want to be able to read and speak this language, you’re going to have to put in a great deal of effort. You’ll have to study the language extensively, and you’ll probably struggle to retain the things that you are learning. You should make sure you’re willing to rise to this challenge before you get started.

You’ll Need The Right Tools

If you plan on teaching yourself a language like Egyptian, you’re going to want to take advantage of every resource that you possibly can. You’ll want to look into language learning software. Some programs will be able to guide you through this language and teach you new concepts little by little. Flashcards can also be very helpful.

In addition to these sorts of tools, you might want to look at books and dictionaries. Start searching for resources before you begin to learn this language. If you’re prepared, you’ll be able to make this process a little bit easier.

Consider Taking A Class

It’s much easier to figure out the basics of a language when you have an instructor to help you. Although Egyptian classes aren’t quite as common as courses for languages like Spanish or French, you should be able to find a way to take lessons.

Whether you learn Egyptian in a classroom or work privately with a tutor, you should absolutely think about signing up for a course of some sort. Start exploring your options and see if you might be able to work with a teacher.

Find People That Can Help You Along The Way

Since learning a language like this can be tough, many people feel discouraged and give up before they make any real progress. If you want to make sure that you stay motivated to learn, you’re going to want to connect with other people that are also learning this language.

Meeting other learners will be easy if you take a course. If you’re working with a tutor or teaching yourself, you might want to try connecting with people online. There are people all across the globe that are interested in this particular language.

If you know that you want to learn the Egyptian language, you should take the suggestions above to heart. Do everything you can to help yourself get through your studies. If you’re determined, you should be able to make a lot of progress.

Advanced Ancient Technologies That Shouldn’t Be Possible

Advanced Ancient Technologies That Shouldn’t Be Possible

Most of us find history boring. But when we take a close look at it, it is filled with so much adventure and mystery. History is not just the study of who ruled over whom, it also deals with so many interesting facts, and you will be quite baffled to see how brilliant out ancestors were. With the technology we have today, we feel as if we can do anything. But back in those days, they pretty much didn’t have anything, but still, there are certain things which make us wonder how it was possible for our ancestors to make things which we in our modern world can barely manage:

Roman Technicolor Cup:

So yea, for most of us it might sound like just another cup, and it pretty much is a cup until you see it in the light. When you flash the light from the front of the cup, you will be able to see the cup turn into green. But when you flash the light from its back, you will be able to see that the cup turns into red. Now that might not impress you. But when the scientists did their research about the cup, the found out that the cup was made out of gold and silver flecks which is like a thousand times thinner than hair. So, if we are taking credit for inventing nanotechnology, we are wrong.

Viking Compass:

We all are proud of our GPS systems and think that we are smart enough to find something that good. But let’s just say that the Vikings found something which was much similar to the GPS systems we have today. The Vikings had a device named Uunartoq disc with which they could find their way even when the sun went down. It is said that the Vikings have used a crystal in the device which helps them to find their way even in dim light.

Romans and their concrete:

There are many magnificent ancient Roman structures which still stand today. Most of their structures like the Colosseum is build only on cement, and they haven’t used any iron structures. We know that not a single builder in today’s world would ever be able to construct a building without iron beams.


Flexible Glass:

The Romans yet again prove to be geniuses. It is said that they figured out a way to make flexible glass and it was called it the vitrum flexible. The flexible glass was invented sometime around 14 to 37 BC when Tiberius Caesar was the ruler. The glass cannot be broken, and if it is dented, it can be quickly be hammered back into its shape. Caesar ordered the execution of the person who created this glass as he feared that this new invention would shatter the economy of Rome.



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Jeff Smith

“The author goes in search of the real Atlantis. Collins pieces together Plato’s story to answer the questions and unravel the mysteries surrounding the mythical land”

Sherry Bright

“Andrew Collins investigates the secrets of the pyramids, to discover who really built them and how. Evidence shows that they date back to at least 5000 years before the coming of the Pharaohs.”

Brad Haines

New interpretations of ancient writings, the discovery of hidden chambers in Egypt, and other findings provide evidence of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient cultures of Earth. “

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