There are various training equipment found in commercial gyms for conducting different exercises. Some of this training equipment help you lose weight while others such as weight benches are designed to help you build muscles. However, when it comes to commercial gym benches, you need to understand how they work and the type of weight benches available today.

Different Commercial Gym Benches.

If you are planning to invest in commercial gym benches, you need to understand that there are 4 categories of commercial weight benches. These are Olympic benches, flat benches, and specialist benches. All of them are available here.

1. Olympic Benches.

Olympic benches are great for bench press exercise. One thing you will notice about this particular bench is that it is designed with a racking system, which makes it safer than the rest of the benches found in commercial gyms. The racking system is easy to adjust making it easy to set at any particular angle during your training session.

2. Flat Benches.

Flat benches are considered to be the best for exercises that do not require much elevation. With this kind of bench, you can carious exercises such as flat bench presses. However, what you need to understand is about flat benches is that they are designed in a fixed position, which makes them very stable.

3. Specialist Benches.

Specialist benches are more advanced and perfect for training specific muscle groups. That is why specialist benches are designed with adjustable seats so that it can be easy for trainees to seat in different positions while conducting their exercise.


Commercial gym benches play an important role when it comes to weight training programs. However, you also need to understand that some of these benches are heavy while others are lightweight and It all depends on the number of features that the bench has. Moreover, some of these commercial gym benches are designed with handles and wheels so that it can be easy to transport such equipment.